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Joanna Lindenbaum

Transformational Woman Wisdom Success Coaching

How does the Woman Wisdom Success Principles process help you achieve your goals?

The Woman Wisdom Success Principles are rooted in the sacred and longstanding truths of the Feminine. These principles are incredibly powerful tools that teach you how to reclaim all parts of yourself, become fully authentic to your heart and soul, and move through life with a greater sense of purpose and a greater sense of confidence. All of this ultimately leaders to your personal success, which then has a healing effect on the world.

1: Connect with Your Body Brilliance and Inner Wisdom

My approach to coaching and to life centers on a deep respect for the inner wisdom that each woman holds inside of herself. Because of the quick pace of modern culture and the ways that the mind has been valued over the wisdom of the body, most of us have forgotten how to use this ESSENTIAL tool that we have access to at any moment that it's needed.

In our work together, we take the time to slow down so that you can settle into your body, learn to connect with it, and listen for the important information you have stored inside.

Once you re-connect with your body, you will have access to the incredible information that your intuition and inner wisdom provides you with. In our process, we listen deeply for your priorities, values, and needs, and begin to envision your life based on those factors. By listening to your inner wisdom, you will also gain incredible decision-making skills, as well as the confidence and grounding that come along with truly trusting yourself and your ability to know what's aligned and right for you.

In our process, we listen deeply for your priorities, values, and needs, and begin to envision your life and work based on those factors. By focusing on your inner wisdom, you will also learn incredible decision-making and confidence skills, as well as gain freedom to be exactly who you want to be.

2: Vision Your Life, including its Scope, Mission, and Vision

Here is where we look at the bigger picture of your life and set compelling and soul-centered goals for yourself based on your inner wisdom, what inspires you, and what you know you really want for yourself. This is a time to think BIG and start believing that you deserve everything you want - even the stuff in your wildest dreams! - and that you can achieve all of it.

We will look carefully at each area of your life and create goals that excite and challenge you. We will make sure that you set goals that come from your heart, not goals that you think you "should" achieve or are expected to achieve.

3: Create a Soul Blueprint for Your Life

A well-planned strategy is key to your success. Whether it is career transition or having a tough conversation with a loved one, a thought out strategy with clear action steps and intentions is like an easy-to-follow blue print to get you to your goal.

Using your inner wisdom, I will teach you how to create your own week by week action plans to help you achieve your goals. You will learn how to plan in a way that will ensure success, ease and accountability without feeling confused or overwhelmed.

4: Take Control of Your Schedule and How You Spend Your Time

One of the most common obstacles to success is not knowing how to manage time and not knowing how to balance time. Nearly every single woman I meet tells me that she feels frazzled, exhausted, and pressed for time. As you move forward to achieve your soul-centered goals, it is important that you learn how to make your schedule work for you and how to balance all of the important projects, relationships, and entities in your life. It is only by taking control of your time, deeply respecting your priorities and boundaries, and learning how to "BE" that you can succeed with ease and grace.

In our work together, you will have an opportunity to take a close look and carefully re-vamp how you spend your time, at what is working for you in your schedule, and what is wasting your time and energy.

5: Powerfully & Courageously Work with Your Fears

It is my firm belief that whenever we step into bigger visions and goals for ourselves, there is always a fear to address and a risk to take. There is always some relationship, image of self, held belief, or situation that is at risk when we commit to our soul-centered projects. This is where we explore how you can take risks in your life in order to create energy and achieve your wildest dreams.

There is a particular and powerful Woman Wisdom Success Principles method that gives you the tools you need to address and work with persistent and pain-inducing fears in your life. Common fears include: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of surpassing a parent, fear of criticism, fear of losing a loved one, fear of being seen, fear of not being good enough, fear of competition and fear of the unknown. Together, we will work on breaking through these fears so that you can reclaim yourself, and move forward feeling open, excited, and confident.

6: Conquer your Negative Thinking Patterns

I will teach you a powerful Woman Wisdom Success Principle method for getting a handle on those negative thoughts that stand in your way. Negative thoughts happen so quickly and build up over time. They then become so habitual that you don't even notice how pervasive and damaging they can be.

It is so incredibly freeing to move past those pesky and paralyzing thoughts and into thinking habits that support you. Once you do, you become motivated by joy and passion instead of anxiety and adrenaline!

7: Eliminate Distractions

A big piece of feeling whole and aligned, and managing your time and energy is about naming the distractions and obstacles in your life. Together, through the Woman Wisdom Success Principles process, we will address any and all blocks standing in your way of your SUCCESS and HAPPINESS. These distractions/obstacles might include: overeating, working too hard, spending too much time on the computer or watching TV, relationships that no longer serve you, persistent habits, self-criticism and judgment, lack of self-confidence, believing that you are unworthy, guilt about being successful or happy, unhealthy relationship to money...and many more.

We will go deep and explore the origins of these obstacles, and more importantly – the purpose they serve in your life. Then, we go straight to work at learning how to let them go so that they no longer stand in the way of what you really want for yourself.

8: Re-Write Your Money and Abundance Story

Feminine energy and wisdom is all about truly connecting with the abundance and richness of the world. Yet, for so many of us, we approach our life and our work from a place of scarcity, of not having enough, and of not valuing ourselves enough. This often leads to under-earning, being under-paid, feeling guilty about having too much, or difficulty in managing finances. Together, we will re-write your money and abundance story so that you powerfully move through the world knowing your infinite value and earning it!

9: Intuitive and Loving Self-Care

Taking care of yourself and making time just for you is essential in reducing stress, and in making good decisions from your soul. I believe that putting your self and spiritual care first is the number one key to achieving success and balance in your life.

In that spirit, together we also look at your self-care tactics so that you take the very best care of yourself, your body, your finances, and your spirit. This can include diet, nutrition, exercise, meditation techniques, getting massages, balancing your checkbook, quitting smoking, creating a practice of self-reflection, and much more.

10: Measure Your Progress and Celebrate Yourself

My personal favorite part of the process! Together, we will see and chart your progress…and be amazed by it. As women, so often we do not acknowledge our accomplishments and celebrate everything we are and have done. Celebrating our successes is what keeps us motivated and interested. Plus, it makes life juicier! Through our time together, you will learn how to really appreciate yourself and all that you do. The more you learn to honor and celebrate your achievements, the more you will be able to assess and understand how to refine your actions to make them more effective, and the more you will be inspired to set new and juicier goals for yourself.

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Who is the perfect woman to enroll in Woman Wisdom Success Coaching Programs?

I coach with innovative, motivated and creative women (and a few soul-centered men) who want to create a life and career that is truly in tune with their deepest desires. You are involved or long to be involved in businesses, careers, the arts, not-for-profits, volunteer organizations and various projects and movements that are helping bring about deep healing and change in your families, communities and the world. I call this your "Soul-Centered Project". You know that you can benefit from outside support and someone to help hold you accountable to your dreams and goals.

regained faith in myself and my talentThese amazing individuals I work with want more out of life, and are committed to their personal, professional, and spiritual growth. You want to feel fulfilled, passionate and successful in your worldly endeavors as well as your personal life. More than just a life coach or business coach, I believe deeply that a woman working on her heart's desire out in the world must also always be connected to and in right relationship with her personal life. Her personal life informs her professional life, and visa versa. Therefore, the visionaries I coach also seek to amp up various aspects of their personal lives including work-life balance, self-care, parenthood, financial freedom, travel, home environment, health, family life and romantic relationships.

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Who can Woman Wisdom Success Coaching process help?

I work with artists, entrepreneurs, mothers, lawyers, yoga instructors, CEOs, daughters, acupuncturists, healers, writers, performers, therapists, community organizers, visionaries, innovators, spiritual leaders, directors, doctors, coaches, and designers. I work with any woman who recognizes the benefit of outside help in order to improve the quality of her life, take big leaps forward in her career and projects, and achieve success that is aligned with her heart.

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How will you benefit from Woman Wisdom Success Coaching?

As a result of our time together, the women I coach, achieve their juiciest goals—even ones they never thought possible! They increase their productivity through transformational coaching and learn to successfully balance their time with work, play, and nourishing self-care. You will learn how to listen to your inner wisdom and your heart in order to make decisions that will bring joy, meaning, satisfaction and huge success to your life.

  • Create a successful and energizing career, business or project that fulfills you on a soul level
  • Develop your skills as a leader in work, community and family life
  • Reduce stress and create vitality, energy and inspiration in every area of your life
  • Take better care of yourself than you ever have before
  • Create loving relationships that support and motivate you
  • Connect deeply with yourself and your inner wisdom
  • Clarify your life purpose so that you joyfully jump out of bed each morning
  • Gracefully manage your time so that you can fit what's most important into your schedule
  • Work through persistent fears and patterns that drain your energy and time
  • Organize your life and your environment so that you move forward and feel balanced
  • Honor Yourself and your body as sacred
  • Take charge of your finances
  • Trust your heart more than anything

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What are examples of the soul-centered projects that Woman Wisdom Success Coaching will help me successfully and joyfully achieve?

  • Spearheading a conference on any topic you believe in passionately
  • Opening a healing practice such as a yoga studio, acupuncture center, psychotherapy or massage practice
  • Founding a Center for Women's Health & Well-Being
  • Changing careers that are perfectly aligned with your heart's desire
  • Creating a One-Woman Show that communicates your personal journey and lessons
  • Writing and publishing a book on the meditation practice you developed
  • Forming a volunteer organization that helps children in need
  • Organizing a life-changing trip
  • Taking charge of a fundraiser for a cause you are passionate about
  • Revolutionizing the department you manage so that there is clearer communication among employees
  • Revolutionizing your family life and becoming an example for other families you know
  • Taking your photography practice to the next level
  • Starting your own community women's empowerment circle
  • Taking your philanthropic activities to the next level
  • Leading your Co-op Board to create better conditions for occupants
  • Launching a Green Program in your child's elementary school
  • Developing a personal spiritual practice

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Soulful Coaching for Busy Women Premiere Program:

The Premiere Program was created for women who want to connect to their inner wisdom and make heart-centered decisions fast. The Premiere Program is structured so that you will quickly bring your life into balance, align with your passion, and take continuous forward steps towards success. I will be there to monitor your progress and together we will activate consistent progress. You will transform from the inside out, as you change the long-held beliefs that have been holding you back in order to achieve your juiciest goals.

  • Forty-Eight (48), 40-minute phone sessions to be used over a 12 month period, scheduled in any way that serves you best (recommended 4 sessions/month)
  • 60 Minute Program Kickoff session to give us plenty of time for our initial connection and support you in starting your program powerfully and boldly
  • One (1) 40-minute mid-program Review session
  • Email support on all your projects in between sessions as needed. You have direct access to me, and I will return your email within 48 hours (usually sooner, and not including weekends or holidays)
  • Opportunities for breath-work, movement exercises, journaling, voice activation, and other experiential activities
  • Personalized Intuition Activation visualizations and exercises
  • Editing and material reviews, including resumes, proposals, correspondence, etc. (up to 3 hours per month)
  • Opportunities for “Soulful Intensives” where you can bundle your sessions to 80 minutes or 120 minutes if you would like an “intensive experience” to craft your business or project plan, have a hand-held organization and system-building session, or focus more deeply on a particular fear or persistent belief
  • Top priority scheduling
  • Discounts on group classes and teleclasses
  • Complimentary space in the Advanced Intuitive Group Program, which meets 3 times/month over the phone as a Sister Circle support group for deeper learning and forward movement

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Soulful Coaching for Busy Women Accelerated Program:

The Accelerated Program is for women who want to take focused action towards their goals. They are ready to move forward with my support and expertise while also working independently on the weeks when we do not have sessions. This program is for women who want to learn more quickly than they ever would on their own, implement changes easily and remove all blocks in building a balanced life or business. On each call, we will target exactly what needs to be addressed for maximum growth.

  • Twenty-Seven (27) 40-minute coaching sessions over the phone to be used over a 9 month period, scheduled in any way that serves you best (recommended 3 sessions/month)
  • 60 Minute Program Kickoff session to give us plenty of time for our initial connection and support you in starting your program powerfully and boldly
  • One (1) 40-minute mid-program Review session
  • Email correspondence in between sessions on particular projects
  • Opportunities for breath-work, movement exercises, journaling, voice activation, and other experiential activities.
  • Editing and material reviews, including resumes, proposals, correspondence, etc. (up to 1 hour per month)
  • Opportunities for “Soulful Intensives” where you can bundle your sessions to 80 minutes or 120 minutes if you would like an “intensive experience” to craft your business or project plan, have a hand-held organization and system-building session, or focus more deeply on a particular fear or persistent belief
  • Personalized Intuition Activation visualizations and exercises
  • Discounts on group classes and teleclasses

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Women's Intuitive Leadership Program

The Women's Intuitive Leadership Program is something I created to help those women who want to create and achieve their juiciest, most compelling goals by connecting with their bodies and their intuition.

Once you tap into your inner wisdom, you will then create a clear and joyful grounded plan on getting there, and get support from me and from the group each step of the way.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of women’s intuition and women’s community, and it’s ability to propel you to your biggest dreams as well as contribute to healing the world. The Women's Intuitive Leadership Program is a 12-week supportive, encouraging, and empowering telephone classroom mentorship and community where we cover all 10 steps of the Woman Wisdom Success Principles to connect you to your inner wisdom, make decisions that are right for you, and achieve what you want in life with confidence, ease, and joy.

There is a powerful group energy that is created during our calls. The women admitted into the program are all ready to take their lives to the next level with grace and inspiration.

The Next Program begins October 6, 2011.

Early Bird rates available:
Click here to find out more!

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